Script Bundle Tool

version 4.3


Script Bundle Tool creates an application bundle from an editable AppleScript source file and a contents folder. When you first use Script Bundle Tool, the contents and versions folders are created automatically and you are presented with a dialog that lets you set the properties: Version, Copyright, Stay Open and Show in Dock. Subsequently, you need only to Select, Launch and Click to create a new build of your application bundle. The source file may be any editable AppleScript application or script document created with Smile or AppleScript Editor. When you build an application bundle, the sub-folders of the project's contents folder are copied into the new bundle's Contents folder and any custom keys in the project.plist file, are written to the new bundle's Info.plist file. If the versions folder is present, a locked and dated copy of the source file is copied into it.

Summary of License

This software is provided as "Freeware" without payment of any license fee;

and is provided "as is" without any warranty whatsoever.


Copy Script Bundle Tool anywhere onto your hard disk.

  1. Script Bundle Tool should work with Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.

  2. You may launch Script Bundle Tool via the Scripts Menu by placing an alias file in the desired location(s) in the username/Library/Scripts/Applications/ folder.

  3. You may launch Script Bundle Tool from the Dock or from a launcher such as DragThing.

  4. You will need the applications Icon Composer (part of Xcode) to create a custom icon for a project; and Xcode (or Property List Editor in earlier systems) to add user items to a project.plist file.

What’s New

  1. Fix for a bug in Lion (10.7.1) involving the temporary items folder that prevented proper operation of Script Bundle Tool.

  2. Added the ability to create uneditable .scpt files which can be automatically added to an application project.

Using Script Bundle Tool

Script Bundle Tool comes with complete documentation and provides instructional messages if you make an error during use.

All of the software you see on this web site was developed with Script Bundle Tool.