Editions & Reflexions

version 1.1

Editions Version 1.0.4

Let's say you're writing a novel and all of your files are incrementally backed up. (In other words, you maintain a mirror-image of your original files where old files are replaced by new.) One day, you add a new character to your novel. He's an interesting character, and you spend days developing details. But, weeks later, you realize that he just doesn't fit quite right, so you reluctantly remove him. Months later, as you are finishing your novel, you realize that you've found the perfect place for your previous character. Unfortunately, he's been been deleted from the file and your backup does not preserve old copies of files. Everything you've written about the character is gone and perhaps forgotten. You have a problem.

Editions solves your problem by allowing you to make a locked copy or edition of your document in an Editions folder before you start making changes. Comes with complete documentation and it’s easy to use, the document is only one page.

Reflexions Version 1.5

Reflexions can only be used with a Finder compatible incremental (mirror-image) backup. If your backup is kept in any other format you cannot use Reflexions. Reflexions does not backup or restore files.

With a folder window open and frontmost in the Finder, launch Reflexions ... it will instantly open the backup folder window matching the frontmost folder window. The backup window is always opened at least 300 pixels to the right of the original window. (This is a safety feature, so you will always know your backup from your restore.) You may then manually backup or restore any files or folders you wish. If items are selected in the original frontmost folder window, then the corresponding items will be selected in the matching backup window.