version 1.0.3


Cubicles allows you to create new alternate Desktops or Cubicles and switch between them. It works in both Tiger and Leopard. (I originally wrote Cubicles so that I could have a feature in Tiger similar to Leopard’s Spaces. It works nothing like Leopard’s Spaces, but you may prefer it.)

Installation — Copy the Cubicles application to any location you like, then drag Cubicles into the Dock, a launcher or the Script Menu. (If you put an alias to Cubicles on the desktop, it will disappear when you switch to a new Cubicle.)

Launch — Whenever Cubicles is launched, a choice list of Cubicles appears with the current Cubicle above the list. (The first time you launch Cubicles, the current Desktop is given the name "_Default_0".)

Make New Cubicle — Launch Cubicles; Choose Make New Cubicle; Name the new Cubicle. The new Cubicle becomes the active Cubicle.

Moving Desktop Items — The Cubicles folder is located in your Home folder. Its sub-folders are the named Cubicles and each contains a Desktop_Picture.alias file and a Desktop sub-folder that contains the desktop items for the inactive Cubicles. (The Desktop sub-folder for the current Cubicle should be empty.) Open one of these Desktop sub-folders and manually move items to or from the Desktop. You may also move items between Desktop sub-folders.

Desktop Pictures — If you set a desktop picture for a Cubicle, it will be remembered and whenever you activate a Cubicle, the desktop picture for that Cubicle will be restored.

Renaming A Cubicle — You must manually rename the desired sub-folder in the Cubicles folder in your Home folder.

Deleting A Cubicle — You must manually Trash the desired sub-folder in the Cubicles folder in your Home folder, but the files in its Desktop sub-folder are Trashed, too.

If you don't want to lose these files, do something with them first!